Quality Control

Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. implements comprehensive quality management, implements GB / T19000-ISO9000 quality management and quality assurance series standardization, and the American Petroleum Institute APIQ1 quality outline specification. In the company ’s quality manual, it reviews management responsibilities and quality system contracts. The control of 20 elements, including control, document and data control, procurement process control, inspection and testing, has made clear regulations, so that each quality activity is carried out in accordance with the established procedures, and each job position is in accordance with the established work Standard.
In quality management, the principle of combining prevention with inspection and inspection is adopted. It not only pays attention to and takes preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of problems, but also does not neglect to react to the problems once they occur and correct them. Through the operation of the quality system, to ensure that production and services continue to meet the quality requirements.

The quality management organization of Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Pipe Co., Ltd., from the chairman to the heads of various departments until every production worker is placed in the quality assurance system, the chairman is the highest decision-maker of the company's quality policy and All activities are responsible, the chief engineer is the chief person in charge of the specific work of quality, exercise the chairman ’s quality management rights in daily work, and be responsible to the chairman; the chief engineer ’s office (referred to as the chief division office) is responsible for quality assurance and quality control The daily work of the production workshop is carried out according to the process requirements, and the Quality Inspection Section is responsible for the technical standards to check the product quality.

The quality inspection department of our company is responsible for supervising and controlling the product qualit

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