Sustainable Development Strategy:
Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Pipe Co., Ltd. has shown a strong base of strength, but it is still a developing enterprise. Development is always the survival form of Juxin. The operation track of future development is "Group capitalization operation, enterprise professional operation." Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. which strives to be upgraded to investment holding-industrial group-industrial company three-tier structure in 2012

Capital operation strategy:
Comprehensively promote the operation of enterprise capital, characterized by value management, through the optimal allocation of enterprise capital and production factors and the dynamic adjustment of property rights structure and industrial structure, so as to realize the efficient operation method of maximizing the capital appreciation of enterprises.
Technology Talent Strategy:
The foundation of economic development is knowledge and technology, the key is talents, people are the fundamental force to create value, and talents are the soul of enterprise development. The introduction of talents and the cultivation of talents have become a powerful guarantee for the limited rapid development of Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Pipe.

Off-site development strategy:
Only by keeping pace with international standards and taking the path of "large-scale, specialization, and intensiveness" can we gain a foothold in the future global economic integration process. The focus of investment development has been placed on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Shanghai, and gradually spread to the whole country. The development path of Juxin will be infinite and broad, and the passion of the enterprise to grow bigger and stronger will be burned in the continuously extending career.

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